Simple Signs Revealing You Might Be A Sex Addict! Are You ?

Having sex is a natural need that comes from the desire of both (or all) parties. The frequency and number of the times you have sex may fluctuate, however a stable line also doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. If you feel familiar with most of the points below, you might be a sex addict.

1. The frequency or quality of your sexual encounters isn’t enough to satisfy you and you always want more.

2. You don’t want to talk with your partner after sex and want to leave as soon as possible.
3. You refuse monogamy and want to have multiple sexual partners.
4. You always want to masturbate and you do more than once a day.
5. You can’t stop thinking about sex and sexual fantasies, and it affects your day-to-day life negatively.
6. You spend too much time on movies, magazines, etc. that enhance your libido.
7. You use the internet only for sex and trying to find partners.
8. You see people just for sex that you would normally never want to be around in your social life.
9. The possibility of violence or STDs never crosses your mind during sex.
10. You feel depressed when you don’t have sex.

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