How to Drive Him Crazy! – Unspoken Female Gestures

When you are in a relationship, the only constant thought on your mind is, what is it that you can do to keep him happy. Most women settle for the obvious gifting/surprising options, which, though helpful, could get predictable. However, there are few unspoken gestures, which men quietly observe, but they could mean a world to them. Here are a few of them, which are generally ignored but can go a long way in winning him over:

1. Gentle Touch

Gentle Touch

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Touch the sole of his feet gently with your toes, whether you are at a dinner table or at home on a couch. The ticklish touch may make him giggle no end, but he’ll enjoy the playful moment. Ditto with your nose. Just when he’s expecting you to kiss, play with his nose or simply land a peck on it.

2. Ruffle His Hair

Ruffle His Hair

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Men love women’s hair, but are equally conscious about their own, especially when women ruffle them. Do it on the pretext of getting something that’s stuck in his hair, drying his wet hair, or simply, just like that!

3. Be His Buddy

Be His Buddy

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Men and sports are inseparable. Occasionally, be his “weekend” buddy with whom he enjoys competing in a board or video game, or simply watches a football/cricket match. Irrespective of which side wins, don’t forget to celebrate!

4. Being Honest

Being Honest

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Whenever he seeks your advice on important matters, be honest and impartial, which means you could even disagree with him. Your honesty will help build his trust in you, which is an important part of any relationship.

5. Spot Him In The Crowd

Spot Him in The Crowd

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