Cracked to Healthy, Nice, and Soft Feet and Heels in just couple of days

If you ask my personal foot masseuse/boyfriend, the best part about a fresh pedicure is that I leave the salon with smooth, supple feet. It’s no fun to have cracked skin on the bottom of your heels.

If you’re prone to dry skin like I am, it can be irritating to deal with the pain and peeling that comes along with cracked heels.

A pedicure offers some relief, but after the pedicurist really puts her nose to the pumice stone and is quite generous with the paraffin wax, my feet are repaired, but I’m also out $25.00.

What causes cracked heels? How can I prevent them?

More often than not, cracked heels just occur because you have naturally dry skin and you walk on your feet. Certain medical conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can predispose you to it.

To prevent cracked heels, you should avoid open-backed shoes that allow the fat pad on the bottom of the heel to spread out, stretching the skin. Instead, opt for a pair of sneakers and make sure your feet are well moisturized before putting socks and shoes on and heading out for the day.

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These remedies will leave your feet feeling soft and supple in no time, and hopefully silence your S.O.’s complaints and the chatter between nail technicians while taking care of your sore and tired feet.

3 Simple Remedies for Cracked Heels

After my last trip to the salon, I decided to do some research into simple home remedies that can save money spent on trips to the salon or expensive moisturizing products.

Remedy 1: Honey

I love this one for it’s simplicity. Simply mix a cup of honey into about half a bucket of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes or so. When you’re done, gently scrub off the honey water. Honey works to heal cracked feet quickly with it’s natural antiseptic and moisturizing properties. You may want to do this a few times a week or as-needed to keep your feet moisturized as they heal.

Remedy 2: Oatmeal & Olive Oil

This is a healing mask recipe that I have used on my face to heal my skin after a chemical-peel burn, so I have total confidence that it can soften and rejuvenate anyone’s cracked and dry feet. Mix together a tablespoon of powdered oatmeal and 4 or 5 drops of olive oil until it forms a paste. Rub the mixture over your feet and hang out for half an hour while the essential fats and vitamins absorb into your thirsty heels. Rinse it off with cold water, and repeat every other day until your feet are healed.

Remedy 3: Banana

If you have a banana laying around your house, you already own an all-natural moisturizer that can be used to soothe dry skin. Just mash a banana into a mushy pulp and apply the mask to your feet. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You can do this everyday if you wish or just until cracks are healed.

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