This is What The Shape of Your Butt Says About Your Health


A surprising fact, it might sound funny, but the shape of a butt may reveal a lot of things about one person’s health. Generally, people want to have a well-shaped, round butt.

Carrying too much fat around your stomach, rather than your hips puts your body at risk. In fact, fat storage in the hips can lower your risk of heart disease, artery disease, and diabetes. Also, there is a study that says people with bigger butts tend to be more intelligent.

People with buttocks of a larger size need more Omega-3 fats, which have been proven to catalyze brain development. So having a bigger butt than average, promotes the brain health.

Here’s what the shape of your butt says about your health:

This is What The Shape of Your Butt Says About Your Health

A square-shaped base means that the person has little fat accumulated around the love handles. Thus clearly, indicate that the gluteal muscles are a little weak. A few simple core exercises or glute exercises, are perfect to make the glute muscles nice and strong.

A circle shape is probably the healthiest. If you notice a little excess fat near the top of the glutes, no need to worry. It’s fairly easy to get rid of with a simple workout routine.

This is the most idealized form, almost every woman dreams for. This butt is larger at the bottom and becomes smaller as you go up towards the waist, and the fat equally distributed.

One caution, as women get older the fat stored in the backside has a tendency to move upwards. Therefore, get rid of the extra fat to avoid further complications.

The V shape is most common in older women, the reason is smaller concentrations of estrogen. If you have this bottom, you should start doing some exercises to remove the fat as soon as possible. Perform regular exercises to lower the chances for heart failure.

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