Tomi Lahren: The Left and Mainstream Media Have Become ‘Selective Outrage Machines’

It’s time for Final Thoughts and surprise, surprise, Leftist crybabies and mainstream media hacks are still hot and bothered by what President Trump may or may not have called Haiti and some African nations.                                                                                                                                                That’s what the Left and the leftist mainstream media have become: Selective outrage machines who dedicate all of their energy and air time to analyzing presidential adjectives. Wow.

Even if he did say it – which we still don’t know – this outrage is phony. Lefties – you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim we need to let everyone in to protect them from terrible conditions in their home countries, then turn around and tell us they are coming from great and stable places. Sorry. Pick one.

Let’s be honest, this uproar has nothing to do with what Trump said. Democrats would rather have a fierce debate over President Trump’s “mean words” than solve the immigration problem. It’s all a diversion, so they don’t have to actually do anything.

These leftist pearl-clutchers are so upset the president may have referred to some countries with a mean adjective. Meanwhile, they’ve spent the last two-plus years telling us the U.S. is a crappy and oppressive country, not worth standing for.

Please. Get over yourselves.

You’re suddenly offended by dirty language, when you’ve been parading around with “F-Trump’ shirts, signs and chants? The hypocrisy is astounding – and Hollywood liberals are the worst offenders.

You sit at your award shows, layers of security all around, in gowns that cost more than more people’s cars, and preach to the rest of us how we should be more tolerant and welcoming of illegal immigrants. You’ll pitch a fit if your lattes aren’t quite right. Half of you are nasty to the crews, the makeup artists, the support staff – all people deemed beneath you – because you make millions reciting lines, or singing a song.

I have an idea: How about we pitch a giant tent city in the middle of Beverly Hills? The Hollywood crowd is all upset at the president’s POSSIBLE use of the word S-hole … but what if they actually to look at one in their own backyard? I’d like to see the look on those self-righteous faces when they strolled by Starbucks, with their little yorkies, and stumbled upon that. The word might not offend so much.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with establishing and enforcing a merit-based immigration system, which is what the president supports. That’s a lot better policy than the Democratic practice of opening the floodgates to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

But, right, by all means, keep crying over a word. After all, it’s about all you guys know how to do anymore.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God bless and take care.