We all know how important regular monitoring of our health.But also, it’s a fact that only a few have regular medical checkups on his body.

Most of us live by the rule “If it doesn’t hurt anything, why would I go to the doctor?If you are part of this group, this simple trick will tell you a lot about your health without ever having to show up in the doctor’s office.

Take a spoon and spend it on the surface of the tongue.
Place the spoon in a plastic bag and place the light: sun lamp or chair.
After a moment check spoon.
If it has no stains and no unpleasant smell from the bag then you do not have any health problems.

If you notice an unpleasant smell, it indicates:

Problems with lung or gut – if the smell is sharp

Problems with diabetes – if the smell is sweet

Kidney problems – if odor reminiscent of ammonia

If you notice deposits, it indicates:

Incorrect function of the thyroid gland – white or yellow color

Bronchitis, poor circulation, high cholesterol – purple color

Respiratory infection – White color

Kidney problems – orange color

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